Expression of Interest 2023

As our organisation grows, we need more help from our members to spread the load of behind the scenes work that goes on to make Grovedale Toy Library a vibrant community that celebrates play.

The concept behind these teams is to identify members who have an interest or skills in these areas, and so that those who have capacity to give extra time, or have difficulty volunteering for session shifts can be called upon to contribute without a member wide callout being necessary.  Roster credits can be managed through the Coordinator for these teams for substantial and specific tasks allocated and undertaken.

Events & Promotions Team

This team will be all about community engagement:

  • planning, theming and running our regular Stay & Plays,
  • planning events to celebrate World Play Day and Childrens Week (and any others you identify),
  • finding, planning and running other promotional events (such as Waurn Ponds Station Upgrade, and Welcoming the Babies with Libby Coker MP in 2022). 
  • presenting/chatting to New Parent groups via MCHN, and groups such as playgroups wanting more information about toy libraries (GTL specific, or generally).
  • providing inspiration, ideas and some costings for grant applications
  • contribute photography & other media content for social media & other marketing materials
  • produce promotional content (graphic design, Canva, newsletters, marketing articles

Toys Team

Dream about toys? Spending someone elses money? Or do you really love the organisational side of labelling & packaging toys? 

This team will:

  • Assess and process (label & package) donated toys ready for borrowing
  • Label and package new toys ready for borrowing
  • Compile wishlist of new toys to add to the collection – research costs, toy library suitability/durability/success in other toy library collections.
  • Compile wishlists of toys for grant submissions – i.e. grant fits STEM toys, collate proposed purchase list
  • Source best pricing, including comparing wholesale purchasing, and group purchasing opportunities with other local toy libraries to maximise purchasing power.
  • Identify what spare parts are needed and scour Op Shops to complete our toys when parts break or get lost.
  • Source key 2nd hand toys via Facebook, Gumtree & Op Shops.
  • Via Toy Coordinator, propose toy purchases to committee for approval.

Express your interest for these groups via the below form. We would love for the Events & Promotions team to get started prior to the AGM so that they can start planning Term 1’s Stay & Plays.