How it works

Member Participation

Each member is required to:

  • Duty at a session approximately once a term.
  • Participate in at least one fundraising activity per year.
  • Help out at an annual stocktake and toy cleaning session.

Borrowing Conditions

Loan period
Toys are borrowed for 2 weeks only.
Toys can be renewed once in our online database.

Borrowing extra toys
Additional toys may be borrowed for the cost of $2.00 for 2 weeks; maximum of two extra toys can be borrowed.

Damaged Toys
If you have broken something, DON’T PANIC!  We realise that some toys will break as a result of normal wear and tear. Members should report damaged toys to the duty leader. Normal wear of the toys is expected but if the toy is damaged in another way the member may be asked to pay for the cost of repairs or replacement at the discretion of the toy library committee.

Lost Pieces
If you bring back a toy with a lost piece, we will ask you to borrow it again for 2 weeks to continue looking for the piece as it is often found!

If the piece is not found the member pays a $2.00 fine.

If the piece is large and is essential to the working of the toy, the member may be asked to pay for a replacement piece at the discretion of the toy library committee.

The borrowing limit still applies to any toy still in your care.

3-4 fundraising activities are held each year to raise money to purchase new toys and to replace old ones. Members are required to participate in one activity.

All toys must be wiped clean before returning. Toys for babies and bath toys MUST by washed in disinfectant.  If not clean on return, there are supplies in the cupboard and must be attended to before putting on shelf.

Rostered duty

Our toy library is run by our members. Every member is required to do 4 duties per year. You can choose your roster through our online database and swaps can be made via text message (numbers provided to members only).

Duty is a great way to see the huge variety of toys the library has on offer, and meet other parents.

IF UNABLE TO ATTEND YOUR ROSTERED DUTY DAY, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO RING OTHER MEMBERS TO FIND A REPLACEMENT. Once your roster is chosen, please note it in your diary or phone calendar.

Please notify the Roster Officer of all swaps.

Members are not required to do duty for 3 months after the birth of a baby.

An end of year Stocktake is carried out at the end of each year.
On this day all toys are counted, cleaned, checked for damage and missing pieces followed up. It is appreciated if members can assist on this day.  If you help on this day you can borrow a large toy for the school holidays.

Overdue Toys
Overdue toys attract a fine of $2.00.   If you are unable to return toys on due date you may phone or email the duty leader for that week and gain a one week extension.